Woolly Mammoth Hunt – Day 6 of 7 of the “Impressions” challenge from Jamie Peters

January 22, 2016 instagram

Day 6 of 7 of the ‘Impressions’ challenge from @JamiePeters.

From the Prehistoric Forest, another of the abandoned attractions in the Irish Hills of Michigan.

Access to the whole forest is restricted, but several dilapidated effigies remain in view from the parking lot.

This image is of the mighty Mammoth which only recently lost her tusks. The sight stirs the hindbrain to launch into a hunt with stone spears and throwing axes to provide food for the winter. (Michigan is more well known for Mastodons – what’s the difference? see http://bit.ly/1ZTjgkd ).

I plan on sneaking back in one day to see the other wonders still hidden deep in the primeval forest canopy. (for more information on this abandoned place, check here)

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/1Pcdd3n