Went out with friends for a walk today…

October 9, 2017 instagram

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This is Textile Rd in the Pittsfield Preserve.We wanted to enjoy a last colorful autumn with this scenic route. We all feel the impending loss of this area because of Pittsfield Township’s desire to pave this quiet road and turn it into a 55 mph truck route.

As part of this transformation, all the trees along the roadside will cut down, and once this peaceful country road is turned into a truck route, it will become a wildlife “kill-zone”.

This near-highway will also run adjacent to the playground at Marsh View Meadows park, which should put a chill in the heart of the families that picnic and play there. The sad truth is that this destruction will do little to improve the traffic on nearby US 12 and will only cause a huge snarl at the overcrowded Platt Rd intersection.

For now, enjoy the trees and hope somehow we can change their minds…