Argo Dice

Giants Roll Dice on Argo Pond

Here on a frozen Argo Pond, whimsical Ann Arborites offer an alternative to summer water sports and nature walks. With some giant dice, anyone want to play D&D with snow giants?

For the record, I don’t think these are real 20-sided die… I think they’re 14-sided TetraDecahedrons (Shoot! My 10th-grade math teacher was right! I did need geometry for something)

A possible witness to this wanton act of pubic art was discovered, but he was unwilling to speak on the record.

Strictly speaking, Argo Pond isn’t really a pond. It’s a portion of the Huron River that’s been enlarged by Argo Dam, creating the 90+ acre pond behind it.

The dam itself is the subject of some local debate, with the Michigan DNR and the Huron River Watershed council favoring its removal to promote free-flowing rivers. But many Ann Arbor residents and recreational users opposed its removal. For now, the dam stays and with it a unique public space within walking distance of downtown Ann Arbor.

Where is this?

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