Peonies at Nichols Arboretum

Every spring the Nichols Arboretum Peony garden bursts into bloom. Over the years, I’ve gone to this garden to photograph these incredible flowers. This year, armed with a new, low-key photography method, I’m heading back to get some great close-ups of these historic blossoms.

Mornings, on the way to work, sometimes I stop by the Huron River as it makes its way into Ann Arbor. This morning, I was trying to get some images of a family of swans that had taken up residence on the far side of the river. I made my way across at the bridge, but once across the river, I had to move up the railroad siding to get close to where the birds were gliding through the water. Of course, the swans were no dummies and they saw me scrabbling along the bank and flew off to safer places, but, when I looked back at the way I had come, there was the shot that I was actually looking for that morning. The sun was just rising and the morning light was filling the river basin with a warm, golden glow. The light glinted off the rails in the morning mist and filled the scene with a near-magical feel. I have always been drawn to trails and lines leading around the bend. Perhaps it’s my romantic nature, but I’m always drawn around that curve, I have to know what lies beyond. [Click to Purchase] Where is this?