Not many people, lots of trees… Well, the year 2020 rolled to a close, and as we all seem to agree, it wasn’t a great year. There were a lot of losses for me – several old friends died, plans for a “travel year” dissolved, the kids have all moved out, and the passion for software development has faded. But still, the opportunity for growth and change is always there. My photography has changed a bit too. While I won’t use the trope of saying I had to do more with less, I did have to strive a bit more to discover scenes that drew me in and made me want to find an image I wanted to share. This year I spent more time learning and admiring the real experts at macro and floral photography. I’ve always been one to stop and admire how nature surrounds us with beauty, so why not get close up? I read and watched the work of Janice Sullivan and Harold Ross, two masters at the game. In the end, I did come up with a few macros in my top images. I also love to play around with filters. My father was an excellent artist. Watching him make sketches and designs always fascinated me as a kid. Unfortunately, that gene skipped me, and I can hardly draw a box. But I still can see the potential. So, getting out my Topaz filters and adding some impressionistic vibe or just breaking an image down…

Peonies at Nichols Arboretum

Every spring the Nichols Arboretum Peony garden bursts into bloom. Over the years, I’ve gone to this garden to photograph these incredible flowers. This year, armed with a new, low-key photography method, I’m heading back to get some great close-ups of these historic blossoms.